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The fastest growing segment in the Internet is video delivery. Virtually all consumer devices are capable of streaming or in some other way, playing digital video. While Broadcasters had years to build out their video delivery infrastructure  today’s video superhighway is the Public Internet. Major IT companies are rushing to build Video Clouds and CDNs to meet the Premium Video Industry requirements in video quality, reliability and channel density. In this quest, one of the most valuable function is digital video transcoding. Broadcast transcoders have great video quality and reliability but are too expensive and lack configuration flexibility for multi-screen, multi-platform OTT delivery. Internet streaming gave rise to software transcoders which are felxible enough for OTT but become very expensive when deployed in any significant volume of channels.

Mystic One platform delivers the best of both worlds, ASIC based technology with ABR configuration flexibility, multi-screen and multi-platform support, at a price far below competition. Mystic One is the platform of choice for high volume OTT deployment.

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White Paper: MPVDs Building a Live Video Streaming Service White Paper: MPVDs Building a Live Video Streaming Service