Mystic Video’s headend solutions are transforming live video processing for MPVD's in IPTV, Cable and Streaming Video applications by providing the highest video quality compression available for encoding and transcoding, packaging, origin and streaming capabilities at market-leading prices enabling the fastest ROI on business cases.

Mystic's Unified Video Transcoder and Origin Server headend architecture provides MPVD’s the asset protection they require with support for all current (MPEG2, MPEG-4 H.264) and future (H.265 HEVC) video processing needs in one single Unified Video Services Platform.

Mystic Transcoders

Mystic’s AVC H.264 and HEVC H.265 Transcoders for 4k/UHD, HD, SD and Adaptive Bit Rate transcoding

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for Telcos & MSOs

Unparalleled Transcoding Solution for IPTV, future proof for OTT. Highest channel density with lowest price per channel. Mix and match HD, SD, PIP and ABR in a 1RU box.

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for Video Cloud

Disruptive ASIC-based Transcoder design leapfrogs software blade architectures and traditional broadcast transcoders. Hundreds of ABR transcode channels at 10 times lower power and 4 times lower cost.

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